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Mining Engineering is a field that uses other types of engineering like Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Hydraulic Engineering to take minerals from the ground. These minerals go into everyday products that all of us need and use every day.
If you like jewelry, your gemstone or the metal in your chain had to be mined. The metals in our phones and computers, like copper, silver, gold, tin, and nickel were all mined just to go into the little parts that make them work. Even our cars use materials that had to be mined, like steel. Some of our power is generated using coal, which is also mined. Everyday items like toothpaste, baking soda, and salt exist because of mining.
There are two types of mines that are used to extract all sorts of different minerals.
One cool factor of Mining Engineering is that Mining Engineers might specialize in explosives for blasting. Blasting is done in regions where ore is known to be available. To know that ore is available, Mining Engineers will do a geological survey to decide if mining in a location is worth the cost to begin or continue.
It is a Mining Engineer’s job to find ways to make mining safer and more efficient for workers. Mining might make our lives easier because of the materials we get out of it, but it can be bad for the environment. Mining Engineers are also in charge of finding creative ways to protect the environment from the bad side effects of mining, like water runoff and water pollution.
Mining has a lot of history, and it has contributed to our history, including in the United States. Mining has driven the economy in different communities across the country. Gold rushes have encouraged people to explore new areas like California, Alaska, and Colorado. Coal mining has been a source of jobs for locals in Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Copper mines have provided jobs for locals in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and Montana. Gold, silver, and copper mines all together have provided jobs for people who live in Nevada. Even uranium mining has brought jobs to locals in states across the country, the only one still open located in Wyoming.
Because we have so many mines that are either still operating or that have been abandoned, Mining Engineering is that much more relevant to finding creative ways to keep us and wildlife safe.
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