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Drying Minerals

Drying is an essential part of processing minerals, both in mining and processing or heat treating. In order to create a uniform, quality product, many minerals and ores must be dried.   A rotary dyer is used to reduce the moisture content of the mineral and ore to the required level. The lifting flights inside the rotating drum shower the material through a heated air stream, thoroughly and efficiently drying the material as it moves through the dryer.

Drying is also part of the beneficiation process, which separates the desired material from unwanted material using a variety of processes. Drying removes moisture from the minerals and prepares the material for additional steps in beneficiation. By improving handling, processing and the final product, rotary dryers make the drying process an indispensable part of mining and minerals processing.


Benefits of Mineral and Ore Drying

  • Improves material for processing
  • Prevents congestion of equipment
  • Improves product handling


Calcining Materials

Calcining – also known as calcination – is a thermal treatment process that uses extremely high temperatures to change the physical and chemical properties of various solid materials, including minerals, metals, and ore. Calcining is used in a variety of industrial applications within the mineral processing, recycling, and manufacturing industries. The process is frequently used to improve electrical conductivity, and to remove chemically bound water and other impurities.

Many calcining processes include additional equipment after a chemical, mineral, or ore passes through the rotary kiln. While not necessary, calciners can be accompanied by a cooling system, designed to quickly cool a material down from the high temperatures experienced during the process, making it easy to quickly package and distribute the end feed for re-use.

Some examples of calcining applications include:

  • The removal of water from kaolin, from which calcined kaolin can be used in the production of paper and other similar processes.
  • Volatiles can be removed from spent activated carbon, allowing the reactivated carbon to be recycled back to absorption columns with the gold mining industry.
  • Removal of mercury from cement kiln dust.



Thermal Desorption

Vulcan® Drying Systems custom designed and manufactured thermal systems create solutions. Built for performance, our systems assist clients in many industries by reducing operating, storage and transportation costs, meeting environmental regulations and, in many cases, providing a sustainable energy source.

It is designed to remediate a wide range of drillings wastes including drilling muds, drill cuttings, tank bottoms, and petroleum contaminated soils.

The Vulcan® Drying Systems Solution

Vulcan® Drying Systems, LLC can supply a full range of equipment to process an unlimited type of minerals. Our drying systems and thermal desorption units are specifically making the material easier to transport and handle. All of our systems are custom-designed and manufactured to meet the client’s individual project needs. Available services include setup, commissioning, training, and maintenance support services over the lifetime of your project.


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