Streamline Your Mining Operations with a 3D Map Model From Solid Terrain Modeling

Mining can be a costly business, and while every mining project is unique, there are many economic and environmental factors to consider. That’s why Solid Terrain Models are so critical to your investment and approval process. A 3D Map Model created by Solid Terrain Modeling provides precise visual tools that both technical and non-technical audiences can easily understand. They enable you to gain faster approval to start new mining operations; more effectively monitor and manage ongoing mining projects; and add enhanced reliability, sustainability, and safety. Because they can accurately represent the entire lifecycle of a mining operation, our 3D Map Models offer several important advantages that help you communicate the value of your project to communities and stakeholders on all levels.

Environmental leadership. Gaining government and community approval requires a dedicated CSR effort and considerable financial investment. Our 3D Map Models enable you to visually communicate your commitment for sustainable development (economic, social, and environmental responsibility) to all decision makers.

Investor buy-in. Make it easy for investors to commit to your project by demonstrating your financial and environmental risk management plan, and commitment to delivering a proven ROI.

Faster approval. By clearly depicting all phases of a mining operation –from pre-mining through reclamation – our Solid Terrain Models can dramatically speed up the approval process. You spend less time seeking approval and more time engaged in actual mining operations.

Simplified phase planning. Our models – with removable mine kit inserts – make it easy to see the terrain as it looks before breaking ground, during mining operations, and after reclamation. We can include any type of data features – boundaries, project phases, grading/slope plans, roads, redeposits & tailing piles, and more – to show the physical changes to the land. As a result, you can accurately visualize shells, sectors and slopes to maximize production and extraction levels while minimizing operational costs and increasing worker safety.

Improved mine operational efficiencies and safety management. 3D Mine Models provide mine managers and crew with tools to easily visualize the geometry of the land during all mining phases, easily identify potential hazards, deploy crews and equipment more effectively and safely, and train new employees faster and more efficiently.

For over 20 years, STM has worked within a multitude of global industries to deliver high-quality, geospatially accurate 3D Map Models to clients worldwide. Whether you need a portable, wall-size, or full-room model, STM will provide you with the highest quality reproduction of your mining project. At STM, we go the distance to provide you with the most accurate estimate and pricing. During our no-cost, no-obligation consultation process, STM will partner with you to understand the details to help bring your concept to reality – on-time and within a budget that’s best for your mining operation.

To learn more about how Solid Terrain Modeling can help you streamline your mining operations, visit our website at www.solidterrainmodeling.com or call us at 800-548-7621.

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