SKF Internal Bearing Puller Kits for safe, hassle-free bearing dismount

The SKF TMIP and TMIC Series of Internal Bearing Puller Kits are designed for dismounting of bearings from housings in applications where the fit is on the outer ring.

Manufactured from high strength materials for optimum robustness and durability, the Internal Bearing Pullers are designed for a wide range of bearing bore diameters and boast a unique SKF design that reduces dismounting time while keeping safety top of mind. Ergonomically designed for enhanced user safety, the sliding hammer allows high impact forces to be applied.

Three kits make up the SKF TMIP Series for dismounting of bearings with bore diameters of between

7 to 28 mm, 30 to 60 mm and 7 to 60 mm presented by the recently unveiled TMIP 7-60 Internal Bearing Puller. The SKF TMIP pullers are manufactured from high strength chrome-coated engi­neering steel for optimum strength, corrosion protection and durability.

The patented SKF TMIP 7-60 Puller kit includes two ergonomic sliding ham­mers that match the extrac­tor type used as well as a selection of spring operated extractors which have been specially designed according to bearing bore diameter profiles. “Unlike most Internal Bearing Pullers available on the market, the TMIP 7-60 Puller kit’s spring loaded extractors have been designed for fast, easy fitting to the inner ring in just one quick action,” states SKF Product Manager, MaPro, Eddie Martens.

Martens explains that the TMIP 7-60 is extremely straightforward to use:  “After selecting and threading the appropriate extractor on to the matching slid­ing hammer, it is inserted through an opening in the inner ring, fixating itself behind the inner ring with a strong and secure grip, thanks to the special claw design, allowing a high puller force to be applied. Sliding the hammer towards the handle generates a high impact pulling force enabling the safe dismounting of the bearing in a very short time. ”The TMIP 7-60 is basically a com­bination of the TMIP 7-28 and TMIP 30-60 in one, offering our customers wider bearing coverage,” concludes Martens.

The TMIC Internal Puller series is suited for bearing bore diameters of between 7 to 28 mm. The Puller features an expandable collet design made of high strength materials and is designed for applications where there is only a limited space to grip behind the bearing.

For user speed and convenience, all the items that make up the Puller kits are packed in a robust carrying case complete with clear, easy-to-understand operating instructions.


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