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Friday, march 18
Name day: Ilona, Adelīna
The winter began with frost and cold, with an average air temperature of -7.7 C. December’s first decade was the coldest since 2002. The lowest temperature hit this winter was registered in early December at -27.1 C. In mid-December it got warmer but overall the average air temperature of December was -4.1 C, which is three degrees below the norm.
January and February were warmer than normal, with individual cold periods. The winter’s highest air temperature of 8.4 C was seen at the end of February. 
January with an average air temperature of -0.9 C was 2.1 degrees warmer than the norm, while February, with 0.4 C, was 3.5 degrees warmer than the norm.
Total precipitation in Latvia 2021/2022 winter was 197.2 millimeters (mm), 36% above the norm of the season. This winter was therefore the second most humid in the history of observations since 1924, lagging behind only the winter of 2012, when the total precipitation in Latvia was 210.4 mm.
In Pāvilosta, February’s total precipitation was 134.9 mm, which is the largest quantity of February precipitation ever recorded in Latvia.
The thickest snow layer was recorded on February 9 at 48 centimeters in Alūksne.
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