Innovative packaging machine relies on progressive lubrication

SKF has supplied its progressive automatic lubrication system, including pumps and metering devices, to Kiefel, a leading German manufacturer of packaging machinery.

Gothenburg, Sweden 18 November 2021: A new type of production machine, which makes packaging directly from cellulose fibres, relies on an automatic lubrication system from SKF.

The NATUREFORMER KFT 90 machine, from German equipment manufacturer Kiefel, uses a progressive lubrication system. The KFT 90 makes products such as shells by forming and drying fibrous material – pulped paper and cardboard – at high temperature and pressure.

The KFT 90 can also process virgin cellulose fibres, to comply with food industry regulations. It offers packaging manufacturers a way of making a new type of sustainable packaging, which is of growing interest to consumers. “The manufacture of sustainable products begins with the development and construction of a sustainable machine”, emphasizes Matthias Hausmann, Head of Central Engineering at Kiefel. This holistic approach was therefore also taken into account in Kiefel Fiber Thermoforming technology. Kiefel is seeing a boom in demand for the machines and sales are growing monthly.

“Our proven lubrication system is set out to ensure reliable lubrication for the new KFT 90,” says Norbert Spiegel, the Account Manager at SKF Lubrication Systems in Germany.

One key benefit for Kiefel is that the system enables reliable lubrication cycles. This helps minimize maintenance costs and maximises productive time.

The automatic lubrication system also reduces lubricant consumption by delivering accurate doses and only when needed. It also saves time compared to manual lubrication, as the central reservoir needs refilling at relatively long intervals.

SKF has supplied Kiefel with its lubrication system, including P203 pumps, which supply lubricant to the SSV and SSVD metering devices, that meter the lubrication to each connected lubrication point. The system can dispense precise, metered amounts of lubricant to as many as 50 lubrication points, at distances up to 15m. Thanks to an exchangeable metering screw, the number of metering device variants is drastically reduced, which cuts the cost of spare part handling and warehousing.

Progressive lubrication systems can be used on small-to-medium sized machines with dispersed lubrication points that require varying lubrication quantities.

As well as offering a proven product, SKF has a strong reputation in lubrication and a presence in the USA, where the machine users of today are mainly located.

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