Atlas Copco HiLight H6+ LED light towers make light work of the job site

Atlas Copco’s new LED HiLight H6+ light towers combine efficiency, performance and robust reliability with low operational costs, reduced noise levels and safety to provide optimum lighting solutions to the tough and demanding environments typical of the construction, mining, events, and rental sectors.

“There is just so much that can be said about this highly efficient, flexible, compact and dynamic light tower,” says David Stanford, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Portable Products. “Let’s start with the heart of the HiLight H6+ unit – its new generation LED floodlights and then move on to its protective HardHat® body. Originally designed for residential and commercial use, LED lighting is now fast becoming the preferred lighting solution in the industrial space, largely on account of the numerous value adding benefits delivered by LED technology. Top of the list is the LED floodlights’ ability to efficiently provide optimal light distribution up to a 6,000 m² illumination area with a 20 lux (brightness) average, ensuring a brighter, more productive site and safer job site.”

During the design of the light towers, Atlas Copco kept in mind the main purpose of these units which is to provide high quality lighting after sunset or during inclement weather to improve productivity by extending work hours and creating a safe, comfortable working environment. Placing its innovation stamp on LED technology, Atlas Copco’s LED light towers feature a very special lens and optic design to specifically suit construction and mining applications. The innovative, fully directional LED lens design influences the quality and distribution of light, maximises the light coverage, ensures even lighting, eliminates shadows, reduces glare that can cause distraction and eye strain and also reduces ‘lighting waste’.

Thanks to Atlas Copco’s ongoing commitment to developing technologies that are both cutting-edge and environmentally considerate, the HiLight H6+ light tower has been designed to provide this bright and efficient lighting while producing zero emissions, using up to 40% less fuel and 5 db(A) lower noise levels. The light tower’s dimming function on the easy-to-use control panel offers the right luminosity at all times, subsequently extending the autonomy by over 300 hours and providing CO² savings of up to 40%. Delivering 55dBA at 7m, the unit ensures not only a comfortable and safe working environment but also prevents disturbance when used during events or when operating in noise sensitive areas (residential).

The LED lights are extremely robust and boast an impressive life expectancy of 50 000 hours. “Compared to traditional metal halide lamps, LED lamps do not contain filaments which increases their resistance to vibrations and impact,” explains Stanford. “We have also developed a tough, shock-proof housing to protect the bulbs against the ingress of contaminates such as dust particles.” Stanford adds that this is crucial for the construction and mining sectors where equipment has to be hard-wearing to continue operating despite stringent working conditions.

“Another design feature that makes the HiLight H6+ unit extremely tough is its tough ‘armour’,” continues Stanford. Atlas Copco’s exclusive and innovative HardHat® body is manufactured from corrosion- and crack-resistant, lightweight, environmentally friendly medium-density polyethylene. The HardHat® is resistant to low and high temperatures thanks to its UV stability and the long-term antioxidants of the plastic. This design-focus and tough material ensure a lasting performance and extended life cycle, providing users with outstanding total cost of ownership. Additionally, the HardHat® is moulded into a single pop-up canopy for easy fitment to and removal from the light tower. It also provides 360° easy service access to the unit.  Maintenance could not be easier as the light tower only requires a simple service after 600 hours of operation which can be carried out in just 40 minutes.

Transport efficiency was also taken in to account during the design of the HiLight H6+ which can be conveniently transported in three ways – via the integrated lifting point, four forklift slots or three different tow bars. The adjustable tow bar provides great flexibility as it enables the HiLight H6+ to be towed behind a van, bakkie or truck.

In closing, Stanford highlights the efficiency and long-term cost saving advantages offered by LED technology which he says simply cannot be ignored. “Although a little more expensive when compared to traditional light sources, the high efficiencies and powerful and reliable performance of LED technology combined with the longer lifespan of the LED lamps all contribute to low operating costs and subsequent total cost of ownership.”

Source: (Altas Copco)


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