AECI provides water infrastructure for Hammanskraal communities

AECI has established a ‘filling station’ for the City of Tshwane to supply safe drinking water to the water-stressed Hammanskraal community amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The initiative, which builds on a R3-million investment made in November 2019 to provide safe drinking water to a number of clinics and schools in the area, will leverage an established AECI-sponsored borehole at the Phalesane Primary School.

“While the borehole supplied the school with 40 000 ℓ of safe drinking water every day, the school is now closed and two service providers to the City of Tshwane will fill up daily to deliver 20 000 ℓ of safe drinking water to the neighbouring community,” the company said.

A further R300 000 was invested to “get everything ready”, with about 800 households and 5 000 people set to benefit directly.

The set up included the construction of a new tanker loading facility, as well as electricity, piping, pumps and water testing at the drinking water storage tank entrance and discharge points.

AECI is also hoping to provide two tankers to double the city’s capacity.

“The intervention in Hammanskraal forms part of AECI’s broader response to the Covid-19 pandemic which includes various relief programmes, such as the provision of handwashing stations, hand sanitisers, personal protection equipment and rapid testing kits to the value of R5-million,” AECI commented.

Soaps are being provided to ensure people can wash their hands properly, while handwashing stations, hand santisers and masks have been provided to five public clinics in the community, namely the Suurman, Temba, Ramotse, Mandisa Shiceka and Jubilee clinics.

“The people who visit the clinics will receive hand sanitisers and leaflets to heighten their awareness of safe behaviours that reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, as well as dust masks. Health workers will receive surgical masks.”

“Equipping communities with the right education and tools will empower them to stay safe and stop the spread during this very challenging time,” concluded AECI CEO Mark Dytor.

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