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North West Provincial Mining and Energy Investment Conference

The North West Mining and Energy Investment Conference was hosted on 25-26 January by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy at the Bon Hotel in Rustenburg. The post-event recording is now available.
The North West is known as South Africa’s ‘Platinum Province’ due to its abundant mineral riches of platinum, chrome and platinum group metals. It is also home to a strong dimension stone sector, due to the riches of its slate, marble and granite deposits.
The conference focused on the diverse investment opportunities in the North West, highlighting and promoting junior mining, and enhanced social cohesion and post-COVID-19 economic recovery.
Attendees had the option to participate in person at the Bon Hotel, Rustenburg, North West or virtually through a digital conference platform.
The objectives of the conference were to:
DAY 1: 25th January 2022
Programme Director: Director General/Administrator, North West Province
DAY 2: 26th January 2022
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