CR Digital bring Artificial Intelligence to its load haul payload management

CR Digital unveiled its most advanced real-time payload monitoring system, now powered by Artificial Intelligence. The upgraded Titan 3330 continually improves its ability to identify a productive load, learning and optimizing further with each bucket.

Guided by 2.5 billion tonnes of in-field experience, every new capability was developed to help operators load trucks more accurately, increase average payload per truck, and reduce maintenance events caused by overloads.

The new AI-powered system provides operators with more precise feedback that’s easier to implement in the field and constantly improving.

Kevin Greenwood, Head of Product Strategy at CR Digital, says the upgraded Titan 3330 system is the result of years of work and represents a huge breakthrough in CR Digital’s product offerings.

“Our Artificial Intelligence is now able to determine when a machine is digging vs gardening with increased accuracy. Even better: Titan 3330’s ability to identify productive digging will only increase over time. More accurate data leads to better decision-making for our customers, and ultimately improved productivity.”

Titan 3330 now also comes with new Truck.Trakka technology, which quickly and accurately identifies your haul truck fleet, so target payloads are adjusted and optimized by individual vehicle.

“To fully optimize the payload cycle, we need to understand the capacity of each truck in the fleet. Our Truck.Trakka technology can accurately identify which individual truck is being loaded at any time, so Titan 3330 can understand what a productive load is and adjust the target payload accordingly.” Greenwood said.

CR Digital partnered with top operators to develop an evolved user experience that’s more intuitive than ever. This means operators can access and interpret critical information more readily, enabling more focus on digging efficiently.

The architecture of Titan 3330 has been similarly upgraded. Continuing CR Digital’s commitment to technological advancement, the new software platform is built to grow with you, increasing functionality, insights, supportability and availability.

“Our new software architecture puts us in a position to be able to deliver future upgrades more easily and faster, with minimized downtime for our customers. These kinds of behind-the-scenes improvements aren’t obvious to our customers, but result in software that simply works.” Greenwood said.

An open-source API means more real-time data and better data-driven decisions. Get instantaneous, actionable feedback so your operators can continuously improve their payload accuracy.

With Titan 3330 now supporting the most comprehensive range of machines yet, across both surface and underground mining, your mine site’s load haul data can be consolidated into one cloud-hosted location. Titan 3330 supports any make and model of Face Shovel, Backhoe, Wheel Loader and underground LHD machines.

You won’t drown in data, however, as CR Digital’s intelligent Orion Data Analytics solution empowers you to see the big picture and translate data into action.

Titan 3330 comes with market-leading hardware built tough to withstand the harshest conditions of mining. Hard anodized aluminium construction (IP67 rated) provides total production from dust, high pressure water, extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations. Plus, flexible networking options and a small footprint provide for seamless installation.

The upgraded Titan 3330 system is now available worldwide

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