VSM ACTIROX – Maximum Stock removal for optimal productivity.

Ceramic abrasive grains have been used in the manufacturing of coated and bonded abrasives for numerous years. VSM Abrasives has become well known for its range of ceramic grain coated abrasives which combines optimum performance with an extended product service life to achieve the best possible performance to price ratio. VSM AG, the German based abrasives manufacturer, has once again used its experience of more than 150 years in the coated abrasives industry to further develop and enhance the performance of their ceramic grains and its associated products.

VSM ACTIROX is the next generation of ceramic abrasive grains. The VSM ACTIROX products will provide the user with maximum stock removal in the shortest possible time while maintaining an extended service life. This is thanks to the in-house designed and manufactured precision shaped ceramic grains. (PSG) The precision formed triangular shaped grains are one of the main reasons for the product’s superior performance during the grinding operation. The VSM ACTIROX’s precision shaped ceramic grains are identical in shape and size, and their cutting edges are consistently applied to the workpiece, at the optimum angle, throughout its service life. This allows the grain to penetrate the workpiece effortlessly and so doing achieve the maximum possible stock removal while reducing heat build-up within the grinding zone. This combined with the self-sharpening characteristics of VSM ceramic grains, allow the user to achieve the most efficient and economical machining process.

VSM ACTIROX Fibre Discs are available in two variants, the ACTIROX AF890 for stainless steel and superalloys and the ACTIROX AF799 for unalloyed steels. The product is also suitable for non-ferrous metals and has been awarded the German Innovation Award by the German Design Council in 2019 and so doing been recognised for its considerable user benefits, effectiveness, and economic efficiency.

PFERD South Africa is the proud converter and distribution partner of VSM Abrasives in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa. Please contact PFERD for more information or to request an onsite product evaluation.

Tel                          : 011 230 4000

E-mail                    : info@pferd.co.za / sales@pferd.co.za

Website               : www.pferd.co.za / www.actirox.com


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